A Nintendo Emulator is a driven software in non-android System, and it will use in desktop and laptop system. Emulator gives a biased platform in Windows. Windows OS is directly not allowed to play Android games and video games, so here emulators provide a central platform to perform Android OS related Activity.

With using Nintendo emulator, Use allow to use all Android application and games in windows based System. They Provide a custom ROMs, after installing at the user end, it will enable for a system to use Android feature. It connected with single authentic IP.

Now we are going forward, what is the reason for being them in the top 5.

1. Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS available in the web app market, but to have it you need to pay around 5 Dollar something but there are some places from where you can get drastic ds emulator for free. Not only Android but it is also working with the iOS devices and well compatible with these internal devices. Speed execution with efficient way is desktop system.

Drastic DS gives a speed to run of the Android application, and video games execute well with High RAM end devices. Generally Action Games have high graphics, it need to strong execution while run on virtual OS device.

Controllers are quite best in the middle of a game. Customization of UI layout, change in internal gamepad controller. Add external controller like NVidia Shield and Xperia Play.

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