3 Tips for Extending Battery Life 

The number of practical uses for a 300AH battery is wide and varied as the number of things heavy-duty batteries such as these can power range from simple everyday appliances and devices to more complex machinery. You might’ve seen the perks and benefits of owning something like a deep cycle battery that you are considering getting.

Buying heavy-duty batteries are no simple investment as batteries such as these are pretty expensive. The biggest reason why many people consider these batteries is because they have some urgent use for them, such as powering their car or for emergency purposes. Since these batteries aren’t ordinarily cheap, it is essential to make the most out of your battery and use it for the longest time possible. Proper care and maintenance are essential in extending your battery’s life which is why we have gathered here several tips on what you can do to extend the battery life of deep cycle batteries.

Use a Slow Charger


One of the best things you can do to extend the battery life of any deep cycle battery is to use a slow charger instead of a fast charge when recharging the battery. While it might be tempting to use a fast charger to get your battery up running at any moment, a fast charger isn’t as gentle to your battery’s components as a regular slow charger. Using a fast charger to recharge your battery will cause it to become prone to high temperatures, which can cause damage to your internal parts faster.

Practice using a slow charger, especially if you plan on charging something overnight, as it is easier on the battery than waiting a few hours for a fast charger. You only want to consider using a fast charger if you need to have the battery charged, such as needing it to be charged before an anticipated storm hits your area.

Practice Full Cycle Charging


When it comes down to charging batteries such as these, it is essential to go for full-cycle charging rather than opportunity charging. Suppose you are someone who charges these batteries like you would a phone where you charge the battery at every given moment without letting it fully charge in one opportunity. In that case, you will find yourself with a battery with significantly worse battery life.

Charging heavy-duty batteries as you would with cellphone batteries causes it to have a hard time properly cooling down and conditioning itself for the next time it will be used. Complete cycle charging allows your battery to go through a cooldown period where it will have enough time to prepare and adjust for the next time it will be used. This allows your battery to avoid damage to the plates and internal components.

Proper Storage 


When you aren’t using your battery, keeping your device correctly stored is essential. Good storage practices are a vital trait for extending the life of your batteries, as they tend to deteriorate when stored in the wrong conditions. Additionally, proper storage prevents the fast drainage and discharge of batteries which allows them to keep their charges for more extended periods.