Getting Yourself Ready To Quit Smoking & Start Vaping

Some people are desperate to give up smoking and have struggled when they have tried previously. They may have tried going cold turkey or used a cessation aid to help them quit, struggled with it, and returned to smoking. However, vaping is something that millions of people worldwide have used to help them give up smoking successfully, and it is popular with many people. If you want to give up smoking and are keen to try vaping, below are some things you will need to consider that will help you give up the cigarettes for good.

Choosing The Correct Vaping Device For You

The first thing you will need to do is decide what type of vaping device you will use, and there are plenty of options available. If you are keen to try cloud chasing and blow massive plumes of vape smoke, you will need a sub-ohm device and select the appropriate e-liquid. However, if this is not a priority for you, you can choose a plus ohm device, and you will also need to decide whether you select an MTL or DTL device, and the differences are below.

DTL: DTL, or direct-to-lung, is where you draw on the vape device and take the vape smoke directly into your lungs without holding it in your mouth first.

MTL: MTL, or mouth-to-lung, is where you draw on the vaping device and hold the vape smoke in your mouth before you inhale it into your lungs.

Choose The Correct Type Of E-Liquid For Your Vaping Device

You will also need to ensure that you select the most suitable e-liquid for your vaping device, so you will need to look at the PG/VG ratio. PG and VG are the two primary ingredients of e-liquid, and they are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). If you have an e-liquid with a 50/50 ratio, you can use this in any vaping device, but if you use one with a higher proportion of VG, you will need to use a sub-ohm vaping device. You will want to use a quality e-liquid in your device, and you can purchase premium e-liquid UK wide from newsagents, supermarkets, specialist vape stores and online retailers.

The Best Nicotine Strength Fr You

It is also essential that you choose an e-liquid that will help you manage your cravings to smoke, so you need to select its strength carefully. If you choose an e-liquid that does not have a strong enough dose of nicotine, you are going to struggle to control your urges to smoke and may have a relapse. However, if you choose one that is too strong, it can make you feel sick, cause headaches, and ruin your vaping experience by overdosing on nicotine. You can also consider using nicotine salt e-liquids that get into your system more efficiently and can help you reduce the amount of e-liquid you vape.

Select Your Favourite Flavours

The last thing you will need to decide is the flavours of e-liquids that you will vape, and plenty of choices are available. The good thing with vape juice is that it is affordable, so you can afford to try lots of different flavours until you find the ones that are perfect for your tastebuds. Once you have everything you need, you can start vaping and give up the cancer sticks for good.